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How Can Cannabis Packaging Be More Sustainable?

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Of all the industries planning to go green, cannabis should be at the top. Sustainable packaging is just as important as sustainable products.

The cannabis market is continuously growing. Between 2021 and 2026, it is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.3 percent. This is due to the escalating interest in these products for medical and recreational use.

The materials for packaging cannabis should be innovative. Here is how this market can be more sustainable in its packaging choices.

Reuse Plastics for Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis is often packaged in plastic containers. This is a problem many cannabis brands would like to resolve.

Calyx, a Boston-based company that creates sustainable packaging options, is changing how it thinks about plastic.  Calyx marketing manager Anneliese Brosch explains the company's process, stating, "We take the mantra of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' very seriously."

They are emphasizing how companies can reuse plastic to package products. The goal is to keep it in motion so it stays out of landfills.

Other Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Options

There are also other more environmentally-friendly options available for cannabis packaging. Paper tubes, for example, are excellent materials to use for cannabis products. They are 100% recyclable and come in different sizes to meet the needs of various cannabis products.

Glass is another material that works great for cannabis packaging. It's durable, high quality, and air-tight. This makes it perfect for regulating humidity to reduce mold growth and prevent terpene degradation.

Cardboard boxes are sustainable containers for shopping and storing cannabis products. They are biodegradable and can be easily broken down when not in use.

Cannabis label.

Reasons to Choose Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Sustainable CPG packaging reduces waste. Recyclable materials are better for the environment and decrease the amount of materials that wind up in landfills.

Sustainable cannabis packaging reduces the carbon footprint of your business. This means decreasing material consumption, which helps control overall climate change by emitting less greenhouse gas into the environment.

Sustainable packaging means less plastic in the oceans. A majority of plastics are not biodegradable, so they wind up in landfills and in large bodies of water. This negatively impacts marine life and damages the environment.

Sustainable packaging helps create an accountability standard for organizations. Using recyclable materials for packaging shows you are holding yourself and your business accountable for reducing plastic waste. This sends a positive message to other businesses that can join you in your mission to improve the environment.

Sustainable cannabis packaging helps improve the overall image of your brand. Customers who are environmentally conscious will appreciate your use of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Many consumers base their purchasing decisions on sustainable products, which will be reflected in your packaging choices. This leads to brand loyalty. These customers will also be more likely to tell others about your company, which will help you gain more business.

Sustainable packaging can also lower shipping costs. These materials are often lighter than nonbiodegradable options, so they don't cost as much to ship. As more businesses use sustainable CPG packaging, the availability of these materials will increase.

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