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Learn How Packaging Design Can Promote Smart Consumer Habits

Most brands want their customers to make smart and healthy choices. Effective CPG packaging design will make important product information available to influence good decision making. Here is how you can impact those choices and drive consumers to adopt more positive habits.

Why Effective Packaging Design Makes a Difference

Effective packaging design helps you connect with consumers. This leads to more sales and increased brand awareness.

Packaging design is important to shoppers. Between 60-80% of consumers will not make multiple purchases from a brand with poor packaging.

Packaging design needs to attract the attention of customers. It should also provide information about how to use the product.

CPG - consumer packaged goods.

Consumers can connect with the product in several ways. These range from completing surveys to playing online games. This is called connected packaging and it's a great way to build brand trust and attract new people.

An effective packaging design allows you to differentiate your brand from the competition. This happens when shoppers see it on the store shelves and after their purchases through connected experiences.

Features to Include in Your Packaging Design

Effective CPG packaging design should protect the product and keep it safe. It should also include required information like ingredients and nutritional information.

Barcodes and QR codes enable connected packaging. Customers can scan them with smart phones or mobile devices, then visit a website or app to participate in surveys, get answers to questions, or receive incentives.

Communicate the product through your packaging. Use unique shapes, textures, and colors to sell what’s inside. The design can be anywhere from understated to elegant; whatever matches the your brand.

Include instructions on how consumers should use the product. This is all part of explaining its purpose. Customers are not likely to buy something if they don't understand what it does.


How to Promote Healthy Habits with Effective Packaging Design

Consider your brand image when choosing how you will package your products. 90% of consumers reuse product packaging, which is an important part of sustainability. This creates awareness about conserving resources and saving the environment.

Healthy eating and weight watching are important to many customers. They will carefully read food labels to check for the right ingredients, so transparency is key. Foods and beverages that outline health benefits on their CPG packaging also encourage other consumers to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Include information about any allergens your product contains. This is crucial for customers who need to avoid certain substances. Other consumers may look for products that are allergen-free to be safe.

Implement reusable packaging. This gets customers in the habit of recycling or reusing the CPG packaging after they're done with the product.

Help customers form healthy eating habits by using a QR code that synchs with their smart phones for sending health-conscious reminders. For example, the code on a bag of oranges could trigger daily messages to eat the food as an afternoon snack.

Effective packaging design is a great way to promote healthy habits. It sends positive messages throughout the lifecycle of the product and has broad consumer appeal.

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