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How to Convey Multiple Messages Through Your Packaging

Consumers make important buying decisions based on product messaging. If your product targets different markets, you will need to convey this in your packaging design.

Consumers take many factors into consideration when making purchasing decisions. In one McKinsey survey, U.S. participants ranked shelf life, convenience, and hygiene high on their lists of considerations. Environmental impact was also cited as important, with 43% of consumers reporting they value sustainable packaging.

Multiple messages are sometimes the only way to attract multiple consumers. Here are some ways you can depict more than one message in your CPG packaging to ensure you're reaching the right consumers.



Safety is one of the most important messages you can convey in your packaging. You can do this in many ways.

The container you use should be appropriate to the product. For example, a sturdy box will keep a fragile product from breaking, while a resealable pouch will keep food fresh.

You can also convey safety through the information on your CPG packaging. Letting consumers know the ingredients in a food product, such as Gluten or Soy Free, conveys a safety message.

Use Themes

You can convey multiple product messages with the right themes. Use the right fonts and color schemes that work for your product. Make sure they're easy to see and read so consumers will have all the info they need to make purchasing decisions.

Consider the text placement of each message. Your communication hierarchy helps determine what information needs to be front and center, and what should be printed on the back panel.

Be Transparent

Transparency and truthfulness is the key to brand loyalty. Consumers have become even more loyal to their favorite brands since the pandemic. According to Yotpo, brand loyalty increased from 24.0% in 2019 to 26.4% in 2020.

Some brands use clear CPG packaging so consumers can see products. You can do this by using a completely transparent packaging design or a container with a window that allows one to view the contents.

Another way to be transparent with consumers is by communicating product ingredients. This helps them check for possible allergens, organic ingredients, and sustainability. This is an effective way to include multiple messages on your packaging design because it speaks to the needs and values of multiple audiences.

Sustainable packaging

Use Colored Containers

You can use colored containers to convey specific messages about your product. For example, if you sell cosmetics, package your red lipsticks in red boxes so consumers can see what color they're buying.

Using different-colored CPG packaging makes your product stand out on store shelves. It will be instantly recognizable before consumers even read the print on the packaging design.

Choose a Relevant Design

Your packaging design should be relevant to your product. It should convey your brand quality and values. For example, glass and resealable CPG packaging is often used for food products, while luxury products often come in sturdy boxes with premium packing materials inside.

Check the current packaging trends to see if one is suitable for your product. Minimalist packaging designs work well for many situations because they allow products to speak for themselves.

Minimalist packaging uses clean lines and easy-to-read text to sell products and provide necessary info. This helps consumers focus on products rather than CPG packaging.

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