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How to Simplify the Message Your Packaging Conveys

There is value in the right packaging design. As Catalpha reports, 74% of consumers said communicating information about potential harmful ingredients in a product shows honesty, demonstrates transparency, and builds trust. 

When consumers look at your CPG packaging, they see several ideas and pieces of information at once. The ultimate packaging design brings those ideas together to convey a central message that tells them what they need to know about your product.

Your message should be as simple as possible to ensure audiences understand what you are saying and can remain attached. Here are some ideas to help you create the right message.

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Use Your Product Boxes

Use product boxes to convey your message. Customize your CPG packaging by printing your logo and product information on the outside so it's easy for consumers to see and recognize. Sleek, glossy boxes improve the look and feel of your packaging design.

You can also select boxes that complement the shape of your product. Interesting shapes grab the attention of consumers and add to your packaging design.

Use Themes That Relate to Your Product

When creating a theme, start by selecting a color scheme. Colors convey your message and add excitement to the CPG packaging.

The theme can also convey quality and make your product instantly recognizable. When included in the packaging design, the color scheme will indicate what the product is even before consumers read the information. For example, the color red is often used to depict spicy foods.

You can also use colors on the CPG packaging to indicate the shade of a product. This is common for products like cosmetics.

Include Product Details

Incorporate all details about the product into your CPG packaging that consumers need to know like ingredients, possible allergens, whether the product or packaging is stainable, and how to use the product. This increases product and brand visibility along with your authenticity. It also makes a good first impression on consumers who are first-time buyers.

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Pay Attention to Typographic Details

Typographic details like font and print size make a huge difference when consumers are perusing products on store shelves. The right typographic details will help your product stand out from the rest.

Use bold and highlighted fonts. This makes your product details easier to read.

Tell a Story with Your Brand Logo

Your logo represents your brand. It is often how consumers recognize one of your products before even knowing what it is.

Print the logo on the outside of your product packaging. You can take things one step further and emboss the logo. This adds quality to your CPG packaging.

Go for a Minimalist Look

Many consumers prefer minimalist packaging design that uses neutral colors and includes product details without cluttering the box or container.

Minimalist packaging stands out because of its simplicity. Use it to get your brand message across to consumers and convey your values.


According to Packaging Matters, 81% of consumers reported trying a new product because of the packaging.

Packaging that stands out conveys a message. It also builds trust between you and your consumers, which can result in lifelong loyalty.

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