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PepsiCo Has Set Some Aggressive Packaging Sustainability Goals

PepsiCo has given hope to many of its customers by setting aggressive sustainability goals. The aim is to use more environmentally friendly CPG packaging materials that can reduce waste. Here’s what you should expect over the next few years.

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Consumers Want Less Packaging Waste

Consumers are becoming more aware of sustainability. They're recycling more and paying attention to the materials that make up the products they buy.

Packaging is another big concern. Research shows 74% of consumers said they will pay more for packaging made from sustainable materials.

Consumers prefer CPG packaging made from paper instead of plastic. These materials help reduce waste that's dumped into landfills.

There is also a drive for using packaging made from recycled materials. This helps build a circular economy by preventing waste.

Today’s consumers understand the benefits of creating less CPG packaging waste. They want to conserve natural resources while tackling issues like climate change. This is done by reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable packaging materials consumers prefer include:

  • Paper pulp
  • Cardboard
  • Bamboo

More consumers are choosing plant-based items than ever before. 61% prefer purchasing from companies that use or produce sustainable products. Other plant-based materials include:

  • Hemp
  • Soybeans
  • Corn

Companies like PepsiCo are listening. They are now trying a wide range of materials to learn which ones work best for certain products.

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The Plastic Bottle Issue

Plastic bottles are an issue for many customers who want to see less waste end up in landfills. Many of the plastics used cannot be recycled.

These bottles are part of what's known as nonrenewable plastic. It is manufactured with chemicals derived from fossil fuels. These materials are frequently used for single use packaging and are rarely recycled properly.

The goal is to instead use CPG packaging materials that can be recycled and used again for other products. This will lead to a circular economy and create true sustainability.

PepsiCo Sets Aggressive Sustainability Goals

PepsiCo is showing its commitment to sustainability by making its products, packaging, and overall business model more environmentally friendly. The initiative is called pep+ and it focuses on creating positive agriculture.

Part of this agriculture involves regenerative practices with a positive value chain. One of PepsiCo’s goals is to have net-zero emissions by 2040.

PepsiCo packaging sustainability is another goal that includes using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) for beverage bottles. This addresses the concern consumers have regarding the number of plastics found in products and CPG packaging materials.

PepsiCo plans to reduce the use of nonrenewable plastic by 50% per serving across its entire food and beverage portfolio by 2030. Its use of recyclable plastics and other materials is expected to help promote reusable packaging.

The new PepsiCo packaging should influence other companies to work towards a more sustainable business model. This will help make more consumers aware of why recycling is so important and could lead to more positive change.

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