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How to Appeal to Younger Audiences with Your Packaging

56% of consumers are drawn to a product by a recognizable logo on the packaging. 53% say bright colors attract their attention.

Younger audiences are among the consumers who prefer minimalist designs and sustainable CPG packaging materials. Here are some steps you can take to ensure younger shoppers are enticed by your packaging design.

Create a Strong Online Presence

Consumers from different generations have unique shopping habits. Gen Z shoppers want to read product reviews from their peers before making a purchase. Engaging with them and enabling online sharing will make your brand memorable. This helps you establish a strong online presence that makes your products easy to find.

You can do this by creating a unique hashtag Gen Z consumers can use to show their peers what they purchased. Shoppers who are environmentally aware can use “green” hashtags when discussing products made of sustainable materials on social media.

Holding a shopping bag.

Millennials and Gen Z consumers are known to research products carefully before buying. This is a crucial part of their purchasing decisions. If they are unable to find details on a product online, they may look elsewhere.

Your branding should be reflected on physical store shelves and online. The information you share should be transparent, so younger consumers know what they are buying, the ingredients they contain, and how to use the products. Including a place for consumers to leave reviews is better because it means they don’t need to search other websites to learn what others think.

Customize Content

Today’s younger consumers want to see content that fits their preferences. You can accomplish this by customizing shopper pages so when consumers log in, the information they see matches their product choices based on past purchases. Amazon is a great example of this, as one consumer’s page will look different from that of another.

Customize consumers’ experiences by leveraging data. If a consumer purchased a “green” product, show them packaging and other products manufactured from sustainable materials.

Improve the Unboxing Experience

Younger audiences appreciate the unboxing experience and often post it on social media. Popular colors for packaging materials and logos include pink and rose gold. Clean and simple packaging appeals to many young influencers who have a preference for minimal packaging designs. 

Personalizing the CPG packaging also appeals to younger audiences. Cosmetics company Bare Minerals, for example, decreased the shade ranges of their foundation colors but also began featuring the name of the purchaser on each package. This makes the unboxing experience more fun.

Opening a box.


Younger shoppers are changing the face of retail. Per Dr. Billy McKim, a professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, more than half of consumers in the coming years will be millennials. As Dr. McKim explained, “Millennials are on the move, and many are concerned with being efficient with their time.”

These consumers know what they want and are willing to shop around to get it. That’s why making the CPG packaging appealing on store shelves and online will pay off in a big way. These consumers will go on to share their experiences on social media, influencing the buying decisions of their peers. This broadens the scope of brand loyalty and takes brand trust to a whole new level.

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