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5 Brands That Have Utilized the Most Effective Packaging Designs

Packaging design can influence consumers when making product choices. Around 50% of consumers are willing to pay more for products packaged in cardboard or paper.

The right design can engage with consumers and build relationships. Here are five companies or brands that experienced solid results and increased revenue from CPG packaging design decisions.

Made Coffee

Made Coffee creates CPG packaging that is modern and playful. Its package design uses elegant typography that stands out on store shelves.

The word “made” is in all-caps, immediately drawing customers' attention. The words “Nitro Brew” use a simple cursive font, complimenting the brand name. The illustration provides insights into how the coffee is made using a subtle color pallet.

The logo is located at the top center of the can and defines the brand with its strong “M” and falling coffee droplet underneath. This adds to the playfulness of the brand and helps make it recognizable.

Bag of coffee beans.

Seed and Bean

Seed and Bean vegan chocolates are uniquely packaged and easy to recognize. They are wrapped in matte paper, the color of which depends on the flavor. For example, the lavender dark chocolate flavor is encased in lavender-colored paper. Likewise, the chili lime is packaged in a lime green covering.

The logo stands out with its curly cursive font spelling out the name of the brand. Several multi-colored circles are beneath, all of which complement the packaging background.

Public House Wine

This boxed wine is packaged in a fun and playful design. Its colors match the wine, i.e., burgundy for red wine and blue for white.

Each box also uses dark blue and bright white to help the design come together. These are central to the design and stand out on store shelves.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is improving its packaging design with a new gift pack. This sleek and colorful CPG packaging combines modern elements with a structured silhouette that's sure to engage consumers.

Each box contains a bottle-shaped opening so you can peek at the product inside. These matte black boxes are decorated with multi-colored squares, triangles, or splashes depending on the flavor.

The typography is bold and simple, with the signature brand logo displayed in upper case letters in sans-serif font. The interior bottle is at the center of the packaging design, ensuring the right gift choice for any Absolut enthusiast.

Absolut vodka.

Thelma’s Treats

The oven box from Thelma’s Treats makes eating cookies more appealing. The brand, which sells cookies and ice cream sandwiches, is packaging cookies in a cleverly designed cardboard box shaped like a mini oven.

The box opens like an oven. Remove the cookies like you would a sheet of freshly made cookies from a real oven.

Deep browns and bright blues are used to balance one another and add contrast to the packaging design. This makes a creative statement about the brand and makes consumers want to check it out on store shelves.


The right packaging design is memorable. When executed correctly, it can set you apart from your competitors. 

Between 60 and 80 percent of consumers do not return to a business even if they are satisfied with the product. That’s why your CPG packaging needs a “wow” factor to make it stand out and establish brand trust.

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