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Customizable Packaging Kits Create the Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Brown and white paper bags.

Customers love a personalized experience when opening packaging. Unboxing a new product increases the excitement and anticipation.

When it comes to CPG products, creating a personalized package may not always be practical, but some eCommerce companies are finding ways to make it work. Here’s how.

Why Packaging Matters

Your CPG packaging says a lot about your brand. Use it to send a message to your customers. For example, if they purchase high-end products, they will expect premium packaging materials.

Packaging can provide marketing and sales benefits. A wide variety of materials are available, from cardboard to wood, glass, and even plastic.

Customers who are environmentally conscious will appreciate the use of sustainable packaging materials. In 2018, the recycling rate for product containers and packaging was 53.9%.

Now that many people are buying a wide range of products solely online, the unboxing experience is more important than ever. Customizable e-Commerce kits enable companies to create meaningful experiences through personal interaction between brand and consumer.

How to Personalize Your CPG Packaging

There are many ways to personalize your CPG packaging. Unboxing should be a fun process. Customers anticipate it from the time they hold the box to when they remove the actual product. A personal touch along the way can help create customer loyalty.

The unboxing process begins with the box itself. It should look good and feel pleasing in the customer’s hands. For instance, a sturdy box with a glossy feel and your brand logo will speak directly about what’s inside.

Use bright colors for the interior. This makes getting through layers of packing materials or individually boxed items more fun.

Use an additional panel to conceal the product. These panels are often made of cardboard and provide extra protection.

Include a free sample of another product. This gives first-time buyers an idea of other offerings and adds to the unboxing experience.

Product customization.

How Customizable e-Commerce Kits Can Help

A customizable kit can tell your brand’s story to the customer as they go through the unboxing experience. The kit will consist of the box, labels, inside panels, and other packing materials. You can write personalized thank-you messages to customers on a card to include inside.

Customizable CPG packaging kits let your customers know you care. This builds a great rapport and leads to return business.

How Packaging Influences Purchasing Decisions

Packaging design often influences purchasing decisions. A 2018 survey found 67% of Americans say the materials used help them decide which products to buy, with 2/3 citing cardboard and paper as attractive packaging options.

Make sure your CPG packaging reflects your business. Make your brand name visible on the box or container. Use premium packaging materials that are unique and sustainable.

Before choosing your customizable kit, consider your return on investment (ROI). This will help you determine how much you can afford to spend on packaging materials.

There are many ways to personalize the experience that won’t break the bank. Individualized gift messages or a card requesting customers to share their experience online can build brand trust and make the unboxing memorable.

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