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What is Camouflage Packaging and Should Your CPG Brand Try It?

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Camouflage packaging isn’t what it sounds like on the surface. Many CPG brands are partnering with other brands to create fun and interesting combinations of packaging options.

What Is Camouflage Packaging?

When you hear the words “camouflage packaging,” you probably think of the functional pattern used to conceal. It is highly recognizable and makes a bold statement on CPG packaging for beverages and other product types.

Companies have now found a creative way to use camouflage packaging to make a product appear to be something it is not. Rather than using the camouflage print, these products are dressed up like another product. For example, you could package cookies so they look like a book to have fun concealing them from others.

Packaging is important to customers. Research shows 72% of American consumers report CPG packaging influences their buying decisions. This provides even more reasons to use creative camouflage packaging.

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Why Other Brands Are Trying It

Oreo is one brand that has jumped on board by partnering with other brands such as Green Giant, Hanes, Ford, and Better Homes and Gardens. These partnerships created a limited-run “protection run” packaging for a social media sweepstakes.

The idea behind these programs was to pack Oreo Thins in interesting packaging that does not look like the traditional cookie packaging. This enables customers to hide the snacks in plain sight.

Camouflage packaging designs included an owner’s manual for the 2020 Ford Maverick truck, Hanes men’s t-shirts, and a cookbook from Better Homes and Gardens. The idea was to riff on how many parents hide treats from their kids and to get them to discuss their own hiding places on social media.

Camouflage packaging appeals to different audiences. Campaigns like those mentioned above start fun and meaningful dialogs between brands and their customers.

Customers get to come up with creative ideas while brands learn what consumers really want. These campaigns can also help attract new customers or even audience segments by putting products in front of more people.

These brand partnerships bring together customers from each brand while advertising multiple products at once. The creation of camouflage CPG packaging is a unique item consumers rush to purchase because of its limited availability.

Choosing Interesting Packaging Combinations

The CPG packaging market is growing. Experts predict it will become a $14 trillion business by 2025.

Your packaging should speak to your brand. When seeking partnerships, consider your audiences and how they relate to your products.

Come up with ideas for innovative and fun campaigns. Limited edition packaging works well because it enables you to try several different ideas.

Camouflage packaging can invoke humor and creativity as was the case with the Oreo campaign. You can customize it to fit your CPG brand and customer base.

Camouflage packaging is memorable, as is the case with many limited-edition items. It helps showcase brand identity.

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