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Creating a Billboard with Packaging

One of the best ways to gain more consumer attention on-shelf with your products is to unify multiple packages with the billboarding effect. If your packages interact with each other, their visual impact is spread across a larger surface area and you are more likely to capture consumer attention.

Golden Grain Pasta designed by PKG showcases a billboard effect on shelf

When we refreshed the Golden Grain pasta brand, we aligned the clouds and soft rolling wheat fields to form a continuous horizon line across the shelf. When stocked with multiple SKUs on a supermarket shelf, the end affect is a rather engaging and attention getting display.

Packaging Billboard Effect

How can you accomplish this when your package is a round container that often rotates? We like this example of a recent Miller High Life refresh by Colt + Rane that demonstrates how to make multiple round packages work together. The Diet Coke Fridge packs from Turner Duckworth and Cheerios club store packaging both demonstrate how to make great use of vertical space as well.

Your packaging needs to work hard to capture consumer attention, especially in a busy retail environment. If you can unify your available shelf space to make a larger impact that on-shelf visibility will pay off through higher sales.


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