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What is Minimalist Packaging Design and Is It Right for Your CPG Brand?

A minimalist packaging design grabs the attention of consumers because of its understated properties. It isn’t as busy as other CPG packaging. It places the product details on display rather than creating visual noise. Here are some reasons you might choose it for your CPG brand and ways you can use it to appeal to consumers.

What Is Minimalist Packaging?

Minimalist packaging focuses more on the product rather than the CPG packaging. It means using fewer packaging materials.

Minimalist packaging is important to consumers who want to conserve natural resources. A 2017 sustainable packaging study revealed 92% of consumers feel strongly about companies using biodegradable, eco-friendly, or minimalist packaging.

Plain brown packaging.

Brands are also onboard with using minimalist packaging. The same study indicated 74% of business owners use recyclable materials for their packaging design.

A minimalist design is characterized by a "less is more" mentality. This is accomplished by selecting quality eco-friendly materials, using a neutral color scheme, and making the most out of space so the packaging doesn’t appear cluttered.

Why Choose Minimalist Packaging?

Minimalist packaging design is free of attention-grabbing graphics that can distract consumers from seeing the product. This type of CPG packaging stands out on store shelves and online because of its focus on the brand message in a highly targeted way.

Information about the product and brand is presented in a clean method that is concise and easy to read. This cuts down the amount of time consumers spend locating the product and making purchasing decisions.

Using minimalist packaging cuts down on waste. This saves you money both now and in the future.

How Can You Use a Minimalist Packaging Design?

There are several ways to implement a minimalist packaging design. Focus only on what the packaging design needs.

Start with your logo since it defines and introduces your brand. This sets you apart from the competition because it is a factor that is all yours.

Use the right CPG packaging style. Consider the size of your product and the amount of space it needs to take up inside the packaging. This will help you manage shipping costs and use only the right number of resources.

Combine product and shipping packaging when possible. If the product will ship directly to a consumer, use a container that will protect the product while it's in transit and store it after arrival. This gives you another opportunity to market your brand as your logo will be visible throughout the delivery process.

Think of your minimalist packaging design as a marketing investment. You have only a few seconds for your product to make a positive first impression on consumers. Since the packaging is what they’ll see first, it needs to stand out.

Plain brown pint packaging.


Minimalist packaging design speaks to your consumers. It communicates your brand message while enabling them to focus on a product rather than the packaging itself. Using it wisely can help you build meaningful relationships with buyers and increase brand loyalty.

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