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Can Changing a Product's Packaging Design Change Its Audience?

Evidence shows packaging design makes a difference. 61% of consumers are more likely to repeat the purchase of a luxury product if the packaging is premium.

If packaging design affects what consumers think of a product, one might gain new consumers and increase brand loyalty with a few package changes. Here's how you can impact consumers’ ideas and actions through your CPG packaging design.

Benefits of Changing Packaging Design

Brands recognize the need to provide CPG packaging that positively impacts the product, brand, and the world. Today’s packaging should keep products fresher while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

The right packaging design will be eye-catching to consumers. This can attract more buyers who see it as the first impression of a brand.

Drawing packaging design.

Your CPG packaging is a marketing tool you can use to promote your brand. Factors like materials and appearance can differentiate you from competitors. Using sustainable packaging will appeal to consumers that are environmentally conscious. Unique fonts or package shapes can make your product stand out.

The right packaging design establishes brand identity. Consumers can instantly recognize your brand from the CPG packaging without needing to view the product inside.

Design Considerations

When changing your packaging design, think of the needs and preferences of your consumers. Today’s generation may prefer clean lines and a minimalist look over something busier. Adapting to these specifications will help broaden your consumer base.

Your packaging design should include clear labeling. Consumers need to know details such as what ingredients your product contains, how to use it, and how to best store it.

Connected packaging is another way to engage with shoppers. This enables them to answer questions or take advantage of special promotions via their phones using a QR code on the packaging. This is a great way to learn more about consumers’ purchasing habits and what they want from a product.

When to Change Your Packaging Design

It is hard to know when to change your packaging design. You need to keep it fresh while ensuring the product is still recognizable.

Regularly altering your CPG packaging can help you attract new customers. Using fewer packaging materials may appeal to those who value sustainability, while a minimalist profile with neutral colors can appeal to those who like the modern look and functionality.

Keep up with packaging design trends. This will help you know when it is time to make changes to your CPG packaging. It will also guide you when deciding which ones to make.

Choosing colors from a color wheel.

Budget for packaging design. This helps you plan the types of changes you can make and decide when they will take effect.

Changes in a product may mean a new packaging design. New product ingredients or features may require new CPG packaging to accommodate new functionality. The labeling will also need updating.


Changing your CPG packaging can help you gain a competitive edge. If 95% of purchasing decisions are made in the subconscious mind, consider how consumers may compare your products with those of competitors.

Find out what features are being added to competing products and why. Listen to consumer feedback and create your packaging design around these elements.

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