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Links for a Monday

You probably won't be surprised to discover that we sometimes peruse the internet for packaging news, design inspiration, brand trends, etc. We often share amongst ourselves some of the more interesting things we come across. Today, we thought we'd share them with you too...

What's Cooking Good Looking

We are totally enamored with the food photography and styling of What's Cooking Good Looking (check out those artichokes!) | What's Cooking Good Looking
"The biggest obstacle to good work is ego. I can no longer suffer divas. If you want to be “an Artist,” you should probably go and work in an environment where you don’t have clients." | How to Work with Creative People
Is Photoshop Remixing The World? | YouTube
Food Industry and the Hourglass Economy | L.E.K. Consulting
A Facebook Fan is worth $174? | Mashable
Consumers may allow you more expansion for your brand if you let them visualize your ideas | AdAge
Trash Cafe - A pop up coffee shop made entirely of food packaging | GOOD


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