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Happy Birthday To Us

It's officially been one year since we launched PKG and wow, what a year it's been. In the past year we've been a bit busy.
Happy Birthday to PKG!

  • Refreshed nine brands
  • Created four new brands
  • Studied consumers in 10 US cities behind the focus group glass
  • Developed ideas with consumers in five online studies
  • Wrote 221 Tweets
  • Created 14 new packaging systems
  • Attended three conferences
  • Giggled at thousands of funny dog videos
  • Directed eight photoshoots in two different cities
  • Created 21 Candy Packages
  • Translated seven of our designs into Arabic
  • Acquired two plastic dinosaur mascotts
  • Visited 64 retailers to do research
  • Developed 52 packaging violators
  • Illustrated 71 different icons
  • Shared 9061 pins on Pinterest with 990 followers
  • Developed 423 total packages
  • Started one blog...


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