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Links for a Monday

Photography Douglas Adesko travelled America to understand the ritual of the American family dinner

Douglas Adesko gives us a glimpse of American's dinner traditions in his project Family Meal | WIRED

Is mobile brand activation really all about email? | Sparksheet
Science shows us the perfect Pinterest picture, surprise it's a food shoot | WIRED
Does America speak the same language? The linguistic divide is bigger than we thought. | Business Insider
Have we heard enough advice yet about marketing to Millennials? It seems not... | Forbes
Looking for some pocket sized inspiration? DO Book Company has small yet mighty ideas | Cool Hunting
Google designs brand standards that solid are yet adaptable. | Fast Company
We can't get enough sketch notes! Graphic notetakers take on TED. | TED Blog
Target's new Organic products - Simply Balanced
Target introduces a new brand into their grocery aisles - Simply Balanced | My Private Brand


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