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Social Media and Packaging: Why it's Important for Beauty Brands

Packaging and marketing go hand-in-hand, but social media has taken it to a new level. Your product and packaging need to cary your brand.


They always say not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to beauty products, pretty packaging is starting to play an even more important role. In our social media-obsessed world, a serum or lipstick needs not only look good on but also off. Beauty brands have the fastest-growing Instagram communities, according to a study by L2. One factor is the use of creative hashtags that encourage user-generated content, such as Glossier's #maskforce campaign surrounding the launch of two mask products that has followers snapping both their white-coated faces and the playful pastel-hued jars, which inevitably stimulates further orders, especially when fans see their own efforts reposted.

The importance of a photogenic container is especially evident when considering the popularity of curated still-life compositions on Instagram. And, says Ben Bennett, founder and creative director of HatchBeauty, which builds brands including Dollar Shave Club, Orlando Pita, and Goldfaden, the packaging is the very first thing a customer engages with. "The collection of items we bring into our daily lives is representative of who we are," he says. "For many the way products look is very important." To that end, Hatch designs packaging with one of two approaches: utilitarian or aspirational. "[The latter] type is not only functional, but acts as jewelry for her vanity or bathroom sink."

t's something Karen Meena, vice president of buying/merchandising for Ron Robinson Inc., says weighs heavily on their decision of what beauty labels to carry in the boutiques. "We feature more clean, sophisticated brands rather than cute, over-designed packaging," she says. "We want to be surrounded by beautiful objects. In our mind this enhances the quality of what is contained inside -- it is a beauty item so it must look the part and be a thing of beauty."

Lines that do something unique or unexpected with their presentation seem to not only win prime placement on shelves but also succeed in the social-media game. "Now more than ever it is becoming important that a brand really have distinctive design characteristics or brand marks that are immediately recognizable," says Bennett. "For products where it makes sense, we do consider whether or not a package is Instagrammable or Pinterest-worthy, because why wouldn't you?"

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