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Tagging up or tapping out: NFC's on-pack future

Near field communications (NFC) has been touted as the next evolution of packaging and retail, but a number of changes must occur before this technology goes mainstream.


With so much positive sentiment surrounding the pairing of near field communication (NFC) technology, NFC-enabled smart devices and packaging, the reality is that the talk is, well, mostly just talk. In nearly every conversation, enthusiasm and even promise is tempered with such comments as “pre-commercial” or “potential,” “expected shipments” or even “limitless in theory.”

Yes, research firm IHS Technology, among others, is predicting that between 2018 and 2020, 1.2 billion NFC-enable smartphones will have been shipped to consumers. The key here is “shipped.” According to Enstream and BrandXMobile (BXM), somewhere between 38% and 42% of smartphones globally are currently NFC-enabled—more if you count Apple’s recent foray, which frustrated tech-savvy Apple users from the get-go because the NFC application was limited to payments with a proprietary app rather than an open platform that enabled information retrieval or provided a consumer experience.

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