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Unilever hopes Crush will start a love affair

With ice tea and the Lipton brand already being immensely popular throughout South East Asia, Unilever and Lipton have teamed up for a new way for customers to get their ice tea. "Wall's Lipton Crush" will be a "freezie tube" or popsicle type treat with all of the popular Lipton flavors.

UnileverUnilever has united the forces of two of its biggest brands to offer a fresh new treat for ice tea lovers. With packaging designed by international branding agency bluemarlin, Wall’s Lipton Crush launches this summer in Thailand.

Ice tea is immensely popular throughout South East Asia, with many convenience stores carrying the Lipton brand. Seeing an opportunity to shake up this established category, Unilever brought together two household names to create an innovative and exciting new way of hydrating: Wall’s Lipton Crush, a freezie tube from Wall’s with all the flavours of Lipton Ice Tea.

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