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What will be hot in 2015?

Making products more individualized will clearly be the trend going into 2015, but packaging will also be a highly discussed topic. With every retailer trying to cater to consumers, products with out-dated or misguided packaging will quickly be replaced on the shelves by the companies willing to innovate and take a closer look at their packaging.

According to Canadean Ltd., London, five trends will influence consumer behavior globally in 2015. Those trends, based on data from Canadean's Intelligence Center, are:

1. From mass-produced to personalized.

Canadean predicted that the desire for craft offerings will become increasingly influential. Consumers want their products to be produced and manufactured on a smaller scale to ensure quality and to feel a closer connection to the brands they choose. By emphasizing the exclusivity of a product and the care with which it was formulated, retailers and manufacturers will encourage sales among a growing number of consumers who want to move away from mass-produced items across the fast-moving consumer goods market.

- See more at: http://www.storebrands.info/what-will-be-hot-2015?utm_source=MV_SB+Intel&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_content=HTMLLinkID%3a+9&amp;utm_campaign=What+will+be+hot+in+2015%3f#sthash.rNqWZqWw.dpuf

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